The Royal Family Standard

Finriel is diverse in its structure and lifestyles. Modern-day kingdoms could rise high above the clouds, yet only a mile away could be a complex network of trees roped together via bridges to create a different sort of society. Elves range from materialistic to the complete opposite--typically the ones that live in the forests try to have complete seperation from material wealth, letting the land they live off of provide the sustenance and happiness they need.

Thoughts on the WarEdit

The general consensus of Finriel is the desire for peace. If there is any way to avoid violence, they'll go to extreme extents to do so. They've watched Goentar and Wyvrin clash, battle, and kill, and they believe that their constant fighting will be the end of both regions.

Dominant ReligionEdit

The dominant religion of Finriel is Gaism, although Plurism and Cerenity are on the rise.

Dominant SpeciesEdit

Finriel is mostly home to humans, though the elven population is close in seconds. Finriel also has some witches and warlocks in the more populated areas.

The Royal FamilyEdit

Finriel is ruled by the Harwood dynasty, which is headed by King ------ and his Queen ------. The Royal Couple is newly married and has no children as of yet.

Succession Titles in FinrielEdit

The succession titles of Finriel are as follows:

  1. Duke/Duchess of Lormead
  2. Marquess of Lochhaven
  3. Earl/Countess of Wyn
  4. Viscount/Viscountess Roawyn
  5. Baron/Baroness Lybbis

The Royal Family TreeEdit

The Royal Family Tree for Finriel has not yet been created; Evy thought it best to wait until the canons were filled to create the tree.

The Royal Family StandardEdit


The Royal Family Standard

  • The azure (blue) background symbolizes loyalty.
  • The argent (silver/white) chevron represents sincerity and peace.
  • The gold of the stag, crescent, and trefoil is for generosity.
    • The stag itself represents the family's love of harmony.
    • The crescent itself represents the family's hope to become enlighted.
    • The trefoil itself represents perpetuity and longevity.
  • The motto of the Royal Family is tellus et licentia, which means earth and freedom.


The coat of arms was created using a free, online generator. The motto was created using a free, online generator, however two separate mottos were molded together.

The King's ParliamentEdit

Members of the King's Parliament, including those who hold a Great Officer of State title, are:

  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open
  4. Open
  5. Open
  6. Open
  7. Open
  8. Open
  9. Open
  10. Open
  11. Open
  12. Open
  13. Open
  14. Open
  15. Open
  16. Open
  17. Open
  18. Open
  19. Open

The King's Privy CouncilEdit

Members of the King's Privy Council:

  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open

Great Officers of StateEdit

Members of Parliament who are also Great Officers of State, including what titles they hold, are:

  1. Lord High Steward: Open
  2. Lord Chancellor: Open
  3. Lord High Treasurer: Open
  4. Lord President of the Council: Open
  5. Lord Privy Seal: Open
  6. Lord Chamberlain: Open
  7. Lord High Constable: Open
  8. Earl Marshal: Open
  9. Lord High Admiral: Open

Members of the King's HouseholdEdit

Members of the King's Household are:

  • Lord Steward: Open
  • Master Secretary: Open
  • Headmasater of the Chamber: Open
  • Groom's Men: The King currently does not have a list of his Groom's Men.

Members of the Queen's HouseholdEdit

Members of the Queen's Household are:

  • Lord Steward: Open
  • Secretary: Open
  • Headmistress of the Chamber: Open
  • Ladies-in-Waiting: The Queen currently does not have a list of her ladies-in-waiting.
  • Maids-of-Honor: The Queen currently does not have a list of her maids-of-honor.

The DuchiesEdit

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The MarquesatesEdit

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The EarldomsEdit

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The ViscountiesEdit

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The BaroniesEdit

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The ClergyEdit


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The KnighthoodsEdit

Knight of the ForestsEdit

Those of the Order of the Forests were bestowed their honor for their selflessness in the face of an enemy to protect the natural world.

  • There currently is no list for the Order of the Forests.

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